What would you be remembered for

I sat and Thought on a monday  morning about a friend of mine who’s currently in school and how much we all miss his company, he’s positive impact in our lives and how we feel incomplete without him being around. Then I Thought to my self, Do my friends and family feel that way when i’m not around? ask your self that same question If you’re gone what would you be remembered for? Would people be Happy not to have you around or be sad that you’re gone? , would you be remembered for being Destructive or a problem fixer?, are going to be reference as that great musician, Instrumentalist,Programmer, Artist,  motivator, humanitarian, minister, footballer, basket ball player, fashion designer, comedian , Doctor, mechanic, electrician and so on  what would you be remembered for? Tip: instead of wasting you time doing irrelevant things why not work towards greatness and keeping a legacy behind



My First blog post

This is my very first post. I started this blog for people like me, who likes the internet and research on informations to improve the standard of living both Spiritually and Mentally, and also Eradicate the mentality of working from home is impossible. Here you would learn about investing TIME to make money, like the saying “Time is Money ” so join me on the ride to Success…… 

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